Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Armadillo - Div30 Pickup (Obsolete)

Pickup, Xtra-Heavy Chassis, Heavy Suspension, Super PP, 6 Solid Tires, Driver (IBA), VMG with mag in turret, FOJ back, TC, Active Suspension, 11 Armored mini-safes (210 DP of FP armor each, all in cargo, 220lbs), 40 pts total for Wheelguards/Wheelhubs (you choose where), 243 pts Plastic Armor: F 133 B 40 R 0 L 0 T 35 U 35; HC: 3, Acc. 5, 7798 lbs., $28,971.00

Design Notes -Obsolete because of the quickly discovered rules-breaking problem of the armored mini-safe (note, I wonder if it actually conforms to real-world physics?  This is a job for Myth-Busters!).  But just look at the awesome picture.  How I got all those itty-bitty boxes into the minisafes is crazy.  I calculated that the effective armor would be F 497, B 460, L 840, R 630.

Why did I assume that the safes, all in the flatbed of a pickup, would instead surround the driver and all other components?  It's not only that I used this adolescent rules-breaker (hey, I *was* an adolescent) but I used it wrong.

This won't be updated with the safes because it (a) can't be (the whole point of the vehicle was to exploit the sink), and (b) even if I keep the weapon system, the identity is locked into the illegal design.

OK, maybe I should...

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