Thursday, October 24, 2013

Moron 2037 - RPG Chopper (Combat)

Standard Chopper, reg PP, pilot & gunner, 2 VMG (20/HD) in 4 space UM turret, 2 linked RL (10/AP) front, ITL front, LGL to 20 rockets, CACR, CD (10/reg) linked to radar detector, cyberlink (driver to VMG), IFE; 433 pts Plastic Armor: F 90 B 80 R 70 L 70 T 53 U 70; HC: 3, Acc. 5, 13,987 lbs., $122,240.00

Combat Record - 7 shots from VMGs, 3 shots from RLs; 35 hits to front armor, 62 right, 30 back, 9 left.

Design Notes - What was I fighting?!  And why have the chaff without buying RP armor?  Did I even have a budget?  This demonstrates why I was an enthusiastic but unthinking designer.  If I had so much money and weight to use, why not get Lasers or more VMGs instead of rockets, LGL or no?

Also, this shows you the adolescent egotism.  In my 15 year old mind, I thought that the pilot should have the cyberlink because I was the pilot and I would be the best.  Of course in any standard fight, if there's a gunner, he'd have the higher 'gunner' score. 

The whole 'chaff' thing was a thing back in the day, much like flachette guns.  Very specific use items that never came up.  Who used Radar Guidance when you had peerless laser?

Name Notes -Another adolescent name, I presume.

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