Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Killer RV Killer 2037 - RPG RV (combat, obsolete)

40' RV, Xhvy Ch., Hvy. Sus., Reg. Truck PP, 10 Solid Tires, Driver & 3 Gunners (all have IBA); 2 4sp UM turrets, 2 VMG (20/reg) in back turret, VMG (20/reg) FR, VMG (20/reg) FL, AC with mag in front turret, HL front, HL back, MD (10/napalm) back, 2 laser batteries, cyberlink to VMG turret, 4 HRTC, 4 ejection seats, IR sighting system, ramplate, roll-cage, IFE, anti-theft system with 22 AP grenades, 12 smoke dischargers (no weight), radar, LDR, no-paint windshield, 417 pts Plastic Armor: F 50 (ram), B 47 FR/BR/FL/BL/FT/BT/FU/BU 40; HC: 1 Acc. 2.5/5; 25,181 lbs. $145,200.00

Combat Record 
  • SHOTS front HL 3, back HL 2, MD 1, VMG right 1, AC 6, turreted VMG 8 each;
  • DAMAGE: front 18 hits, back 25, BL 7, FL 5, FR 11, BR 10, FT 5, BT 11, BU 0, FU 0
  • TIRE DAMAGE (note, for some reason I had 12 tires, ooops): front left outer & inner, 7 each; front right outer 17, inner 6; back left tires: 4, 8, 10, 6; back right tires: 4, 11, 11, 7 (see picture for details)

Design Notes - What happened here? I don't see a record of the battle or the other cars invovled.  This at least has the best weapons available at the time: (1) vulcans, (2) autocannons, and (3) heavy lasers.   This also reflects my offense over defense philosophy which persists until this day.

Anyway, when it came to buses etc, I didn't have the books to design these fancy creatures, if I recall correctly, so these designs were made only with the help of my friends' resources.  Either that or I had an easy system to make luxury/vans.

Also, it's nice I gave the whole crew ejection seats and body armor, I never do that nowadays.

Name Notes -There must have been a scenario where I went toe-to-toe with another RV (the "Killer RV" I was going to kill).  

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