Thursday, October 3, 2013

Galvanize - Div100 Pickup

Pickup, Xhvy Ch., Hvy. Sus., 150 cid (tubes/blue/VP/Spr), 5 gal dueling tank, 6 Steel-Radial-FP solid tires, Driver; 2 linked pulsed-HL front, HRSWC, active suspension, laser battery, HD-ABS, no paint windshield, 10 oil/smoke dischargers, linked to 5 laser reactive webs (F, B, R, L, T) & 4 bumper triggers (also linked to that side's weapons) 33 pts LRFP WG/WH, 150 pts LRFP Plastic Armor: F30 B30 R32 L32 T10 U16; HC 4, Acc. 15, Top 72.5, MPG 44, Range 220, 7800.2 lbs. $95,135

  • FP Armor Option - if armor is reduced to FP only, you save 164.8 lbs, and $1650; max FP armor would be 15 more points; 7800.2 lbs. $94145 (oops, forgot to change the WG on those numbers; ah well)
  • Non Steelbelted Option -  if tires are non-StB, you save 269.8 lbs, $7500; that would allow 22 pts LRFP armor, 7796.4 lbs, $88845
  • Most Armor Option - armor is FP, tires are only Solid-FP-Radials; add 38 pts vehicle armor, 7 pts WG/WH: 7798 lbs, $87632

Design Notes - After trying to upgrade the Impetus, an inane van with linked twin lasers, I saw that this weaponry could fit inside a pickup with only 1 space missing.  Hence the laser battery with the IC engine (if it went up to 200 cu in then I'd need a bigger gas tank, and that would take 2 spaces, but a 150 with a supercharger would just fit).    As it is, I really like this!  2x4D+4 front! Avg 36 pts damage with a successful hit.

I did some of the option calculations above.  This could be a fun one to tweak.  I left off spoilers & airdams, given that I don't expect this to be so speedy at a 72.5 ceiling.

I also left off many of the usual "unlimited" bells and whistles.  I should make an entry for those standard modifications.

Another point is that I don't give guff if a design is 0.2 overweight.  Let's be reasonable here.

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