Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Benedict - Div100 Luxury (Amber)

Luxury (C/A frame), XHvy Chassis, Hvy-Active Suspension, Sport PP (PC/SC), 4 Solid (FP-Radial-StB) tires, driver (blended BA), 2 linked HMG (20/HD ammo) in turret, FOJ (25/reg) back, cyberlink to HMG, IFE, HDHTM & overdrive (each linked to HMG & as well as HMG-FOJ link), Anti-Lock Heavy Duty Brakes, Heavy Duty Shocks, spoiler & airdam, Fake Ramplate, no paint tinted windshield; 8 dischargers (2 R,L,T,U & 1 F,B - 4 oil, 4 ice, 2 hot-smoke), 4 bumper triggers linked to side's dischargers, 9 pts LRFP CA each around driver, PP and FOJ; driver has , 2x8 pt WH front & 2x7 pt WH front (all LRFP), 170 pts sloped LRFP plastic  armor F 32 B 32 R 35 L 35 U 16 T 20; HC 5 (6), Acc 10 (20), Top 122.5 (142.5 overdrive, 80 HDHTM), 6600 lbs, $86,705

Design Notes - Benedict is the strongest character in the Amber series so I wanted to make the best car possible, cost be damned. Now, mind you, I haven't playtested this - from the standpoint of design theory, a C/A frame is a gamble I'm willing to suggest but I have no idea how it would survive in the arena. But this has much of the stuff I like to see all-together.

Original draft from Sept 9-2008, dunno why it waited till now. Pic from here

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