Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Gremlin 2057 - Subcompact Hatchback (Concept Car)

See below for design details and hatchback rules.

Subcompact Hatchback, Std. Chassis, Improved Suspension, driver, Small PP, 4 HD tires, LMG (10 shots) in 1 sp. turret, SWC, 1 space cargo (25 lbs), 38 pts armor. F8 R6 L6 B5 T8 U5, Acc. 5, HC 3, Top Speed 92.5, 2275 lbs (unloaded), $4,468

  • Rocket Option - replace LMG with MML-AP (same cost, weight, whole shebang)
  • Duellers Option - 20 shots in LMG, 2300 lbs, $4,668
  • Rocket Dueller - rocket option with 5 pts more armor, 2300 lbs, $4,523

Designer Notes : Why make a subcompact hatchback without using the turret? The non-duellers are for the RPG use of hatchback space (not much weighs 25 lbs but any heavier chassis and this won't be able to use a small engine (which would take up all the room).

Here's what I would do if I wanted to make this a non-economy/Duelling car.

Gremlins 2 - Subcompact Hatchback, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Small PP (PC & SC), 4 PR tires, driver, MG in turret, SWC, 112 pts. Plastic armor: F20 R20 L20 B20 T18 U14, Acc. 5, HC 4, Top Speed 90, 2760 lbs., $6,932

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