Sunday, October 7, 2007

Big Trouble - Div100 Van

Updated here.
Van (C/A Frame), Xhvy Ch., Hvy-Active Sus., Sport PP (PC/SC), 6 SD (Radial/FP) tires, driver (driver has blended IBA & FP suit) & gunner (nil); GG (20 shots) in turret, OG front (10/oil), 2 linked SD (10/expl) Back Left & Back Right, SS (10/Hot Smoke) rear, all dropped linked, DSP (under & linked to SS), active suspension, fake ramplate, spoiler & airdam, 2 safety-seats, HD-ABS, HD shocks, HTM & Overdrive, 2 hi-res comp., no-paint tinted windshield, 7 Oil Dischargers (all on Bump Tr), 4 fake WG/WH, 6 bumper triggers (4 to dischargers, 2 to F&B weapons), 10 pts. FP CA each around: (a) crew, (b) PP, (c) OG, rear weaponry; 150 pts. LRFP armor F30 B20 R25 L35 T15 U15; Acc. 5 (10), Top 115 (85/135), HC 4(5), 7198 lbs, $95,508

Design Notes - To be honest, C/A was made for Vans because they have such a short lifespan, what's a little 'massive ram damage' between buddies? Yet, for $100,000 this is all you get? I'm using the Drop-Spike Plate cheat - kinda. I see a value to the weapon and I could even see using it (I happen to like Fake DSP because you get the chance to freak out your enemy into a hard-swerve-botched-control-roll-crash with not much bother). But, yeah, it's there because its 4 points of armor for 50 lbs. It should be *standard equipment* for vans. The real cheat is to put component armor around it and that's just a naked damage sink to me.

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