Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Connery II - Div70 Luxury

Updated here.
Not to be confused with the Connery of 2057, or 2063.

Luxury, C/A Frame, Xhvy Ch., Hvy.-Active Sus, Large PP (PC/SC), driver & gunner, 4 SD-FP-Steel-Radial tires, AC front (10/incen), VMG in turret (20/incen), OG (10/reg) back, IFE, 2 Hires. Comp., HD-Antilock brakes; no-paint windshield, 10 pts. FP-CA around crew, 2 10 pt. FP WG/WH front/back, blended BA & FP suit for crew; 185 pts. Plastic armor: F35 B30 R40 L40 T20 U20; Acc. 5, Top 92.5, HC 5, 6596 lbs., $69,025

Design Notes - This is the original of the Connery, below, that I felt was a poor design, but I ultimately decided to post it because I hate seeing all my work go to naught.

I'm just not happy with C/A frames anymore; but I was committed to this combination of weaponry, which a year ago was my quintessential favorite triad. Throw a Gauss-gun in and I'm in Car-Hog-Heaven.

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