Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Replica: Police Interceptor 2057 (Midsized)

See the Description of design contest and the Pursuit Cruiser.

Midsized (Streamlined), Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Driver (Driver equipped with Blended, Improved Body Armor (Police Uniform)), Sport PP with PC/SC, 4 FP Radial Solid tires, Ramplate, Active Suspension, FPRP Spoiler & Airdam, Roll-cage, safety seat, IFE, HD & Anti-Lock Brakes, HD Shocks, No Paint/Tinted Windshield, HDHTM & Overdrive, Surge protector, vehicular computer, voice-control software, radar, radar detector, radar jammer, LDR, 10 pts. RFPF Component Armor around Driver. 2 10 pt. RFPF WG back, 4 10 pt. WH all wheels. 174 pts. Sloped FPRP Plastic armor: F50(ram) R30 L30 B30 T14 U20. Acc. 10 (20 HTM/5 Overdrive), Top speed: 135 (90 HDHTM, 155 overdrive), HC 5 (6 over 60). 5757 lbs., $64,786

Design Notes: As I described earlier, the technique of Officer Max Rockatansky - Interceptor Expert - was ramming, no firearms. Interceptors in 2057 are made for speed, handling, and ramming.

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