Sunday, October 7, 2007

Evil Dead - Unlimited Pickup

Pickup, C/A frame, Xhvy Ch., Hvy-Active Sus., Sport PP (PC/SC), 6 Solid (FP/Radial) tires, driver, Pulsed-Twin Laser in UM turret, SD (10/explosive) back, 2 EWP with linked GG (front), 7 Oil Dischargers, Fake ramplate, Fake wheelguards, 6 bumper triggers (4 for dischargers, 2 for F & R weapons), spoiler & airdam, hi-res comp., HD-Antilock brakes, HD shocks, HTM & overdrive, 9 pts LRFP armor around each EWP, 9 pts LRFP CA around driver & 9 around PP, no-paint windshield, driver has Impact armor & FP suit, 165 pts. LRFP plastic armor: F32 B32 R35 L35 T16 U15; Acc. 5 (10), Top 110 (82.5/130), HC 4 (5), 7798.6 lbs, $109,858

  • Straight Gauss Option - Replace TwL with GG, smartlinked to EWPs, remove 2 fake WG, add 27 pts. armor, 7798.3 lbs, $107,789.00

Design Notes - Is this design worthy of its name? Unsure. It's an overwrought design and it distinctly lacks a chainsaw (and while I toyed with vehicular shotguns - to be faithful - I thought "what would Ash do" and he'd load up on pulse-lasers, which is why the better design is the Option and not the Main). It probably won't live through a ram but 192 pts of Laserproof armor is pretty groovy.


Pat G said...

I'm much of the same generation as you having started with the zip-lock game. Sticky foam - feh!

Working my way forward through your blog so please excuse me if the question is answered later.

What are your opinions on high value weapons in EWPs? I was always reluctant to put a lot of cash or damage into something that could get blown off.

JC said...

Yeah, I agree with you about EWP in general, I rarely use them. They seem best for (a) pickups - because of the high weight, no space problem (so, to a lesser extent, compacts), and (b) disposable items, like rockets or boosters, making them a fire-and-forget issue.

Thanks for reading!