Sunday, October 7, 2007

Titus (Imperial) - Div70 Camper (Update)

Not really an update of this, but it is re-using the name. 
Type: Camper (C/A frame), Chassis: Xhvy., Suspension: Hvy, Engine: Sport PP (PC & SC), Tires: 6 SD-Radials, Crew: driver (BA & FP Suit), Weaponry: ATG (10/APFSDS) in turret, 2 linked ATG (10/APFSDS) front, ATGs smartlinked, Weighted Accessories: Active Sus., HD Shocks, safety seat, Unweighted Accessories: HD-ABS, HRTC, smartlink, Dischargers: 3 Flaming Oil, 4 Hot Smoke, Defenses: 5 bumper triggers, Component Armor: 10 pts. FP CA around driver, Vehicle Armor: 155 pts. Plastic Armor (F35 B30 R30 L30 T15 U15); HC 4, Acc. 5, Top 110, 7798 lbs., $68,860
  • Div 75 (Low-Power) Option - No PC/SC in engine, add HTM & Overdrive, no paint windshield, FP tires; Acc. 5 (10), Top 100 (75/120), $74,360 

  • Titus AC - replace ATG with AC (10/HD ammo), FP armor, FP tires, add 2 10 pt. FP WG rear, 2 9 pt FP WH front, $97,970.00

Design Notes  Well, this is a design concept more than anything. If one smartlinked blast connects, then it's 27-72 pts of damage. A minimum of 27? A maximum of 72?!? An average of 48?!?! I learned the benefit of an automatic plus to the die from my D&D days. To guarantee 9 pts of damage for each hit is better than a 4 die weapon. Anyway, this baby better hit first and not get rammed. Otherwise, this may be workable.

Whoa. I just had a nagging notion that maybe ATGs can't be put in camper turrets. For some reason the most recent CWRQ (4.6?) isn't showing up easily. Man, that would suck. OK, let me just switch the ATGs to AC with HD ammo (not the same but rules are rules, even when they suck):

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Grin - I was just listening to the History of Rome pod cast Thrax episode this morning.