Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yes! Yes! Yes!

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In a stroke of purest luck, I finally acquired a precious copy of the (arguably) most definitive, comprehensive, Car Wars book out there: Uncle Al's Catalog from Hell.

I've been pining for this book for years and it arrived today in the mail. My first impressions: (1) the print is so big it gives me a headache; (2) MAN, the art is bad; (3) Surely this could be reprinted, at least the straight info, online.

Now I can feel as up to date as I possibly can. Except, I don't see the hated stickyfoam anywhere in the book. Nor crystal spikes. Hmmm. What a letdown. But at least I can ask the forum dudes without feeling like a thief (i.e. trying to get free info from an available, albeit expensive, book).

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