Sunday, October 14, 2007

Psycho Chicken - Unlimted (75) Camper

Camper, C/A frame, Xhvy Ch., Hvy-Active Sus., Super PP (PC/SC), 6 Solid (FP-Radial) tires, driver & gunner, 3 linked HMG (10/HD) in turret, OG (10/reg) back, 8 Smoke/Oil Dischargers, 4 bumper triggers, 2 Hi-res Comp., ABS-HD brakes, HD Shocks, spoiler & airdam, 2 safety seats, fake ramplate, fake rear WG, surge protector, no paint-tinted windshield, HTM & Overdrive, 10 pts FP CA each around driver (only) & PP, driver has blended IBA, FP suit, PFE; 181 pts RPFP Armor (F35 B31 R40 L40 T20 U15), Acc. 5(10), Top 110 (82.5/130), HC 4(5), 7799 lbs, $108,574

  • Psycho Turkey - replace OG with SS (10/hot) back & add 10 pts FP CA around gunner & SS, remove fake WG, add 12 pts armor; 7800 lbs, $109,460

  • Solid Psycho - No C/A frame, remove gunner, back 4 tires are PR (FP-Radial), OG is replaced with linked: 2 SD (10/expl) & 1 SS (10/hot), add DSP (under), HMG & back weapons linked, only 5 dischargers, remove: active sus., spoiler & airdam, fake ramplate & WG, HD shocks, safety seats, PFE, & add 10 pts FP CA around back weapons, 146 pts RPFP armor (F30 B20 R35 L35 T16 U10), 7797 lbs, $73,270

    Design Notes - Like the Led Zeppelin (below), the moment the HMG cheat arrived everyone rushed to the VR garage to abuse it - and what better way to use a 1 space 2 d-damage gun than in a three space turret. Whenever possible, I will use a turret - because of the versitility (especially in a free-for-all multi-car arena) and it avoids the

    Anyway, the C/A frame (which is necessary in these high-ticket matches with vans and campers) has the obvious drawbacks for rams and rolls. The Solid Psycho takes out the vulnerability but even with tossing as much goo out as possible, the armor is still too light. Component armor and drop-spike-plates can only go so far.

    The name comes from this song (thank you, Mad Music Archives).
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