Monday, October 8, 2007

Nasty - Div10 (20) Compact

Compact, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Medium PP (PC/SC), 2 PR tires front, 2 HD rear, driver, ATG (10/APFSDS) front, SWC, 10 pts CA around driver, 207 pts Plastic Armor F50 B45 R41 L41 T15 U15; Acc. 5, Top 95, HC 3, 4362 lbs., $9,991
  • Nasty Feet - All tires HD, add 16 pts. armor, 4438 lbs., $9990
  • Nasty Feet 2 - All tires HD, remove 4 pts armor, add 5 Smoke Dischargers, 4343 lbs., $9989
  • Nasty Heat - Downgrade ammo to HEAT, add 5 Smoke Dischagers, 4337 lbs.
  • Nasty 20 - modify with C/A frame, 4 Plasticore tires, 8 Smoke Dischargers, 4 bumper triggers, safety seat, CA is FP, driver has BA, FP suit, PFE, 230 pts armor; 4368 lbs, $19,990

Design Notes - Whoever hasn't done this design in some form - the compact with the ATG - hasn't been playing long enough. I put in the nasty APFSDS ammo in and had to cut this sucker down to anything that could fit into the price range. 207 pts armor with a SWC directed ATG ain't too shabby.

Speaking of Everybody Does This. I saw a nice version here at AADA 27.
James Beecher's "Metal Dung Beetle":
Compact, extra-heavy chassis, heavy suspension, 100 cid turbocharged gas engine, 4 gallon racing tank (full), 4 PR radial tires, driver (w/body armor), ATG front w/HESH ammo and SWC. Sloped metal/ plastic armor: F 18/35, L 2/35, R 2/35, B2/25, T 1/0, U 2/12, 10 points CA around each of driver, engine, and ATG, 8 points CA around gas tank. Acceleration 5, Top Speed 62.5, HC 4. 4,435 lbs, $14,922.
I just don't think well in Metal and Gas yet. But, Bravo: eighteen points of metal is truly nasty.

Update: I added the Div20 version because I had it lying around the drawing board. Yeah, it's not worth the cash. Does anyone really use Plasticores?

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