Monday, October 8, 2007

Claudius - Unlimited Van (Imperial)

Van (C/A frame), Xhvy Ch., Hvy-Active Suspension, Sport PP (PC & SC), 6 Radial-FP Soild Tires, driver (driver has blended IBA & FP suit) & gunner; RL (10/Incendiary) in turret with ITL & LGL for 10 rounds, 2 linked RL (10/Incen.) front, ITL front with LGL to 20 rounds, RL/ITLs both smartlinked, OG (10/reg) back, DSP under, 2 Hi-res comp., active suspension, HD-ABS, HD shocks, no-paint tinted windshield, safety seat (driver), HTM & Overdrive, 7 Smoke Dischargers, 6 bumper triggers (4 for dischargers, 2 for F & B weapons), 2x3pt FPRP WG back, 10 pts FPRP CA each around: (a) crew, (b) PP, (c) front RL, (d) back OG; 158 pts FP Armor F30 B30 R34 L34 T15 U15; Acc. 5 (10), Top 115 (85/135), HC 4, 7199 lbs., $102,700

  • Claudius, I - FP Solids, take out ITL & RL in turret & replace with GG, give extra mags to RLs in front (regular ammo), remove DSP & 5 Dischargers, add IFE, no safety seat, WG, or CA, or crew equip.; 170 pts armor; 7200 lbs, $95,050

Design Notes - Ho hum, another unlimited C/A framed van. Laser-guided Rocket Launchers are a van's good friend, and one good smart linked shot should put a +9 fire mod. Thems good odds. The "I Claudius" option was the original design from last year that I tweaked up.

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