Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Elagabalus - Div70 Compact (Imperial)

Compact (C/A frame), Xhvy Ch., Hvy-Active Sus., Medium PP (PC/SC), 4 FP-Radial-Steelbelted Solid Tires, driver (Blended IBA & FP Suit), GG front, active suspension, HRSWC, fake ramplate, HD-ABS, HD Shocks, Safety seat, HTM & Overdrive, no-paint windshield, surge protector, 7 Oil/Smoke Dischargers, 4 bumper triggers, 10 pts. RPFP CA each around (a) driver & (b) PP; 2x 10 pt RPFP WG rear, 10 pt. RPFP WH on all tires; 226 pts. RPFP Armor: F55 B45 R43 L43 T20 U20; HC 5, Acc. 5 (HTM 10, Overdrive 2.5), Top 95 (70,115), 4439 lbs., $67,812

Design Notes - Not sure what I was thinking. Who needs this? That's why I chose the name: Elagabalus was emperor for 4 years, 218-222, from ages 14-18 and was pretty freaky even by Roman standards.

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