Monday, September 10, 2007

Quooze II 2057 - Div20 (25) Luxury

Luxury, Xhvy Ch., Hvy. Sus., Super PP, 4 SD tires, driver & gunner, 2 linked RL front, VMG (10 shots) in turret, MD rear, FE, SWC (gunner to RL), 2 pairs BA for crew, 163 pts. Plastic armor: F30 B30 R35 L35 T18 U15; Acc. 5, HC 3, Top 100, 6600 lbs, $19,960

  • Guided Quooze - add TL front and LGL for RL rockets, remove SWC and 5 pts armor, $24,960
  • Fire Quooze - Incendiary in VMG & RL, Napalm in MD, remove SWC and 12 points armor (F30 B30 R30 L30 T16 U15), $19,950
  • Fire Guided Quooze - combine the two: 146 pts armor, $25,505  
  • Super Fire Guided Quooze - Replace VMG with RL, incendiary ammo for all, napalm in MD, TL in turret as well as TL front, LGL to all rockets, smart link for RLs; 150 pts. armor: $30,700

Design Notes - This is updated from here. The Super option can be attractive except for low armor; and I'll leave it to duellers to shave the $701 to get it into Div30 (or the 506 for the fire-guided).

[Updated: Nov 8, 2013]

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