Monday, September 17, 2007

Master Rammer - Div80 Luxury

Luxury, C/A frame, Xhvy Ch., Hvy-Active Sus., Large PP (PC/SC), driver & gunner, 4 FP-SD tires, GG in turret, HDFT-HT front, FOJ back (10 shots), 8 IcD (1F 1B 2R 2L 2 U, 4 sides linked to bumper triggers), fake ramplate & fake ram-blades, HD-Antilock brakes, HD shocks, roll cage, 2 safety seats, 2 hi-res comp., spoiler & airdam, no-paint windshield, HTM & overdrive, 9 pts. LRFP CA around crew and 9 around PP, crew each have blended-IBA, FP suit, PFE, 2 explosive grenades; 166 pts. LRFP armor: F30 B30 R35 L35 T19 U17; Acc. 5 (10), Top: 92.5 (67.5/112.5); HC 4(5); 6659.2 lbs, $76232.50

  • FP Option - convert armor to only FP, make tires FP-Radial, CA also only FP and make full 10 pts, add 11 pts armor, HC 5(6), 6600 lbs., $80,850

    Design Notes - This is from last year and I was fascinated by the new concept of the C/A frame. With the changed ramming rules the C/A doesn't seem as suicidal as it probably once was. But for design-freaks like me, it allows so much variation. And armor! I thought the best way to avoid the suicide of C/A was to advertise the car as a rammer. The original design had a lot of fake-weapons and blow-through concealments, but I dropped those in favor of a bit more armor.
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