Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Replica: Police Pursuit Crusier 2057

See first, Part 1 - the design intro, and part 2 - the design discussion.

Type: Luxury, Chassis: Xhvy, Suspension: Hvy., Crew: Driver (Blended, Improved Body Armor = in Police Uniform), Engine: Large PP (PC & SC), Tires: 4 FP Radial Solids; Weaponry: VMG (20/expl.) in UM turret, GL with 2 extra mags front (3 rotary magazines, 2 magazine switches; loads: 5 each of Explosive, Concussion, Thermite, Flaming Oil, White Phos., Tear Gas; all prox. fused). Weighted Accessories: Active Suspension, IFE, HD Shocks, Spoiler & Airdam, Improved Supercharger Capacitors, Unweighted Accessories: Hi-Res Comp., HD & Anti-Lock Brakes, No Paint/Tinted Windshield, HTM & Overdrive, Surge protector, vehicular computer, voice-control software, radar, radar detector, radar jammer, LDR, Component Armor: 10 pts. RFPF each for (a) Driver (b) Power plant, Wheel Armor: 2 5 pt. RFPF WG back & WH front. Vehicle Armor: 151 pts. Sloped FPRP Plastic: F(30) R(30) L(30) B(30) T(15) U(16).  HC 5 (6 over 60), Acc. 5 (10 HTM/2.5 Overdrive), Top: 92.5 (67.5/112.5), Weight: 6595 lbs., Cost: $76,763

  • "Pursuit A" - Remove ISC, upgrade PP to Sport (PC/SC), remove 12 points of armor, Acc. same, Top Speed: 110/82.5/130, 6600 lbs, $76,907
  • "Pursuit B" - "A" with streamlining, no sloping; same acc., Top Speed: 122.5/90/142.5, same weight, $76,195
  • "Pusuit C" - remove ISC, upgrade PP to Sport (PC/SC), replace VMG with RR (HESH), Streamlined not Sloped, 159 Pts armor; Same Acc, Top Speed: 122.5/90/142.5, 6600 lbs., $76,420
  • "Pursuit Special" - "C" + remove 1 mag from GL, ammo now 10 Tear Gas & 10 Flaming Oil, 165 pt. Sloped armor; 6595 lbs., same Acc., Speed, Weight; $76,245

Design Notes - I decided on only drivers for pursuit and interceptors. Also, I think the 4-wheel police vehicles will have no room for passengers (if it wants to survive on the roads, it needs speed, handling and armor). Passengers will be picked up and transported by small buses (tba) or choppers.

Large plant - to save room; power can be picked up with PC/SC, HTM/Overdrive, and ISCC (which I think cops needs to catch rocket propelled bogeys)

Solids for help with spikes and debris, and radials because pursuit needs higher HC.

VMG for 2d6 and good accuracy & long lasting firepower; explosive loads to take out metal armor.

Grenade Launcher - a much-maligned multipurpose tool. Here I give the officer a lot of variety - tear gas is just an extra, the smoke has a good defensive purpose, concussion grenades are the crowd pleaser, the rest are good offensive tire shredders.

I didn't care about total cost because cop-cars are expensive (given their tasks); and RPG-wise I assume communities that can't afford a real cop-car will just deputize Autoduellers. I went for non-Laserproof armor so I could get more of it; Radarproof because (a) money was no object and (b) cops now and in the future would try to exploit radar detection, no?

Postscript:  Note that this design concept has been discussed at the SJForum, which yielded this design from ShotGun_Jolly:

Police Interceptor MK I by ShotGun Jolly: Luxury; Extra Heavy chassis; Heavy Active suspension; Sport PP w/PCs, SCs, Overdrive; 4 PR FP Radial tires. Driver. 2s Turret T. Vulcan MG w/20xHD, 1 Mag in turret Linked to SS; Smokescreen w/10xTear Gas Rear; 2xSpear 1000 MD w/10xTDX left and right rear corner linked to SS. Hi-Res Computer; Tow Bar; Safety Seat; Surge Protector; No-Paint Windshield; Vehicular Computer; Long-Distance Radio; Vehicular Camera; Winch; HD Shocks, HD Brakes, ABS. 135 pts. LRFP (F: 25 R: 24 L: 24 B: 20 T: 30 U: 12); 2x6 pt. LRFP Hubs, 2x6 pt. LRFP RWG F; 2x6 pt. LRFP Hubs, 2x6 pt. LRFP Guards F. Cost: $53,450, Wgt: 6,472, HC: 4 +1R, Top Speed: 125 (145), Accel: 10 (5).

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