Monday, September 10, 2007

Killer Sub - Div20 Subcompact

Subcompact, C/A frame, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Medium PP, driver (in BA), 4 PR-Radial tires, HMG (10/HD shots) front, 3 linked FOJ Dischargers (B, L, R), active suspension, HRSWC, HDHTM, Overdrive, spoiler & airdam, 129 pts. Plastic armor, F 30 B 25 R 26 L 26 T 9 U 13; HC 6 (7 over 60), Acc. 10 (20 hdhtm/5 overdrive), Top 120 (80/140), 2760 lbs., $19,694

Design Notes - This would be good for a rally race where you can't use racing body cars. Speed and handling is outa-sight and decent armor for a sub, but its too 'niche' to be a useful stock car staple.

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