Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Empyrion - Div15 (Div20) Midsized

Midsized, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Large PP (SC), driver, 4 PR-Radials, VMG in turret (10/incen.), OG front, SkD back, 10 pts. CA around driver, BA for driver, 79 pts Composite Armor (40 metal/39 plastic); F:8/3 B:8/3 L:12/4 R:12/4 T:0/14 U:0/15; Acc. 5, Top. 97.5, HC 4, 5757 lbs., $14,999

  • Plastic Only - 239 pts. plastic (F50 B50 R50 L50 T20 U19 $16,599)

  • Div20 Option - Add HTM, Overdrive, HD-ABS, Targ. Comp, FP inner armor, FP CA, Platinum Catalysts for PP, FP Suit for driver; Acc. 5 (10) Top. 100 (75/120), HC 4, 5760 lbs, $19,823

    Design Notes- Since I'm a player from 20 years ago, the metal revolution passed me by. Here's an attempt to use a metal design. Is 40 pts of metal worth 200 plastic? In Div15, it may be.
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