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New Weapons - From Other People 5 (Fluffy @ SJGames Thread)

From the SJGames Forum Thread on New Weapons: Author - Fluffy
  1. Anti Missile System- (AMS) to hit 4, 2d+2 damage, 3DP, 3 sp, 650lbs, $6500, 5 shots, $140, 20 lbs per shot. Loaded cost $7200, loaded weight 750 lbs. Loaded mag $750/115 pounds. Area effect. Must be linked to a ATAD or Computer Gunner and set for a certain speed, firing at anything at that speed or faster. May be fired manually, but to hit is 6. May use no special ammo.

  2. Gauss Needler (GN)- To hit 6, 2d damage, 2DP, 1sp, 250lbs, $4000, 10 shots, $15/5lbs per shot, loaded cost $4150, loaded weight 300lbs. Does half damage to vehicles. Area effect. Drains 1 PU per shot.

  3. Heavy Anti-Power Plant Rocket (HAPPR)- To hit 9, damage 1d-2, $1700, 2DP, 1sp, 100lbs, 1 shot. Functions identically to the APPR, but has 3 anti-power plant warheads that scatter after the explosive is detonated. Roll three times for damage, and roll 3 times for location if hitting a random area.

  4. Heavy Double Barreled Vehicular Shotgun- To hit 6, Damage 3 hits, $2200, 2DP, 1Sp, 185lbs, 10 shots, $3/2lbs per shot, loaded cost $2230, loaded weight 205 lbs. May fire one or two shots at a time, to hit determined separately.

  5. Heavy Vehicular Shotgun-(HVS) To hit 6, Damage 3 hits, $1600, 2DP, 1Sp, 155lbs, 10 shots, $3/2lbs per shot, loaded cost $1630, loaded weight 175lbs. May load any shotgun round.

  6. Laser Point Defense System (LPDS)- To hit 6, damage 1d-2, $6000, 2DP, 1 sp, 225lbs., area effect, drains 2 power units per shot. May fire up to three times aimed, or may be set on rapid fire, firing in a 1” long cone, similar to a beehive tank gun round, hitting on a each target on a 4 or better, doing only 1 point of damage to each target hit. This use drains 3 power units. The LPDS may not be made pulse.

  7. Light Vulcan Machine Gun (LVMG)- To hit 6, damage 1d+2, 2DP, 1½ sp, $1700, 240 lbs, 20 shots, $30/3lbs per shot. Loaded cost $2300, loaded weight 300lbs, loaded mag $650, 75lbs., area effect. May use anti-personel and tracer ammo.

  8. Mini-Grenade launcher (MGL)- To hit 7, damage as per grenade, 1DP, 1sp, $700, 125lbs, 5 shots, Cost as per grenade, 4lbs, 145lbs loaded, max range 25". Loaded Magazines weigh 35lbs.

  9. Micro-Laser (McL)-To hit 6, 2hits damage, 0DP (Destroyed on first hit), $1500, 65lbs, 1/3sp, area effect. Drains ½ power unit per shot. If made pulse, does 3 hits of damage.

  10. Mini-Laser (MiL)- To hit 6, 1d-2 damage (always at least one point), 1DP, $2500, 90lbs, ½ sp, area effect. Drains ½ power unit per shot.

  11. Point Defense System (PDS) To hit NA, Damage as per Discharger type, 1 DP, $800, 120 lbs, 1 sp, 10 shots, 5lbs/ CPS as per discharger type. The PDS essentially is a plate that folds back in the vehicle and may be loaded with packs similar to dischargers. It may be mounted like any other weapon and while loaded is dealt with as far as targeting like a discharger. May use any discharger type except PDG’s.

  12. Railgun (RG)- To hit 7, 7d +3 damage, 5DP, 6sp, $55000, 800lbs, 10shots, 10 lbs/$200 per shot, loaded cost $57, 000. Loaded mag 115lbs/$2050. Drains 4 power units per shot.

  13. Road Bombs (RBmb) To Hit NA, 3d damage (see below), 2DP, 1 sp, $450, 100lbs, 1 shot, Burst effect. Road bombs are very large mines. They use the same counter as mines, and are encountered and detonated in the same fashion, but when they are hit do 3d damage in a 1/2 inch radius, to exposed armor and tires in that area. They have a 1d standard burst radius to everything one inch beyond that. May use proximity fuses. Road Bombs when first dropped can be set with a delay up from 1 phase up to 5 turns. Hitting a road bomb before it is armed is the same as hitting a debris counter.

  14. Ultra Rocket (UR)-To hit 9, 6d damage, 2DP, 1 sp, $7500, 125lbs, 1 shot weapon, burst effect. May use all standard rocket modifications. Burst effect. Military Item.

  15. Vehicular Automatic Weapon (VAW)- To hit 7, 1d+1 damage, 1DP, ½ sp, $850, 65 lbs, 1.5lb/$7.5 per shot, 10 shots, loaded cost $925, loaded weight 80lbs. Loaded mag, $125/30lbs. ½ damage to vehicles, may use anti-personnel ammo. Area effect.

  16. Vehicular Autoshotgun (VASG)- To hit 6, damage special, 2DP, 2sp, $1600, 140lbs, 6lbs/$30 per shot, 10 shots, loaded cost 200lbs, $2300. Loaded mag, $350, 75lbs. The VASG rolls to hit normally, but hits with d6 shots, each doing 2 hits. At ranges of greater than 10”, subtract 1 from the roll (but never less than one). Treat each shot separately for purposes of damage to armor, but as one big group for purposes of hazard. May use slugs, and slug rounds are not lost due to range. Firing the VASG for cycles, as well as side mounted VASG on trikes and Sub-compacts is a D1 hazard. Area effect.

  17. Vehicular Double Barreled Shotgun (VDBSG)- To hit 6, 2 hits damage, 2DP, 1sp, $$1450, 140lbs, 1lb/5 per shot, 10 shots, loaded cost $1460, loaded weight 150lbs. Loaded mag, $100, 20lbs. May use Slug ammo. May fire one or two shots at a time, to hit determined separately.

  18. Vehicular GyroSlugger (VeGS)- to hit 9, 2d damage, 2DP, 1sp, $3000, 125lbs, 1lb/$100 per shot, 5 shots, loaded cost $3500, loaded weight 130lbs. Loaded mag $550/30lbs. Max range 15”, 20” if using a long barrel, in addition to other benefits. May use any other standard gyroslugger round, CPS as per round, WPS 1.

  19. Vehicular Sub Machine Gun (VSMG)- To hit 6, 1d damage, 1DP, 1/3 sp, $950, 45lbs, 1 lb/$5 per shot, 5 shots, loaded cost $975, loaded weight 50lbs. Loaded mag $100/25lbs, (special: Extra magazines hold 10shots, not 5.) Area effect, may use anti-personnel ammo. Suffers double normal range penalties, ½ damage to vehicular components.

  20. Velocity Gun (VG)- To hit 8, damage 1d+3, 2DP, 1sp, 290lbs, $2900, 10 shots, CPS 10, WPS 1, loaded cost $3000, loaded cost 300, Loaded mag, $150, 25lbs. ½ damage to DP items and pedestrians. May use DPU ammo.

  21. Single Shot Grenade Launcher (SSGL)- To hit7, Damage as per grenade, 1DP, $250, 45lbs, ½ sp, 1 shot, Cost as per grenade, 4lbs, loaded weight 49lbs, max range 25", may not use extra magazines.

  22. Single Shot Gyroslugger (SSGS)- To hit 8, Damage as per gyroslugger round, 1DP, $1750, 30lbs, ½ sp, 1 shot, CPS as per gyroslugger round, WPS 1, Loaded weight 31lbs, max range 15”, may not use extra magazines.
  1. Armor Piercing Explosive - CPSx3, WPSx2. Maybe used in any weapon that may use HD ammo. APEX ammo does one extra point of damage per 2d (round up) to plastic armor. While it does not do extra damage to metal armor, it does remove one point of metal on any 5 or 6 on the damage die. It doesn’t have an appreciable burst radius, but doesn’t cancel any area effect.

  2. Antipersonnel Grenade Shells- For pedestrian GL’s, GL’s only (no AGLs). Both are giant shotgun shells, and each only has a maximum range of 10”.

  3. Dual Purpose- Lowers to hit roll by 1, does 1d damage, ½ to vehicles and tires.

  4. Flechette- Lowers to hit roll by 1, 1d+1 damage to pedestrians and tires only.

  5. Hardball (tm) ammo- CPS x2For Shotguns, Dbbl Shotguns, and Vehicular shotguns. Fires three hard plastic balls. No damage to vehicular components or tires, and only does 1 point to pedestrians. Any pedestrian hit is affected as if by a concussion grenade.

  6. Laserproof missiles- Adds 10% to cost and weight of any missile. Missiles so modified are not harmed by laser fire.

  7. Lizard Spit (tm) ammo- For Shotguns, Dbbl Shotguns and Vehicular shotguns. Turns your shotgun into a mini-flamethrower. +1point damage, burn modifier 2/1, Cost x10. On a to hit roll of 2, roll 1 die: 1 no extra effect, 2-5 weapon is taken to 0DP or otherwise rendered unfunctional [sic], 6- ammo explosion. When used in hand weapons, does 1 point to vehicular components and tires. Volatile. Max range 7"

  8. Military Grade Explosive Rockets - Weight x1.5, cost x125. Single shot rockets only. Military Grade Explosive Rockets do 3x the listed damage, and may be made laser guided or armor piercing as per normal. MGE Mini-Rockets do 2d+2 dice of damage. May not be used to modify SR’s or UR’s as they both already use MGE.

  9. Slug Ammo - For shotguns, Dbbl Shotguns, and Vehicular Shotguns. Adds one to the ‘to hit’ number, +1 damage. Cost x5.

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