Monday, August 4, 2008

Hardhead 2057 - Div20 Subcompact

Subcompact (C/A frame), Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Small PP (PC/SC), 4 HD tires, driver, 2 linked LL (pulse) in EWPs pointing front, 10 pts EWP armor, 10 pts FP CA each around driver & PP, HRSWC, 114 pts plastic armor (F25 B25 R20 L20 T12 U12), Acc 5, Top 90, HC 4, 2760 lbs., $19,954
  • Option 1 (Div15) - Replace LLs with MMLs (10/AP each), add 30 pts armor, $13,434
  • Option 2 (Div15) - Replace LLs with MMLs (10/AP each) and replace internal CA with 2 more MML (10/AP) front, all 4 weapons linked; $14,704
  • Option 3 (Div25) - Like #2 but add TL linked to all 40 rocket rounds, remove 10 pts armor from EWP and 2 pts vehicular armor; $24,282

Design Notes - An update of this 2037 design. The original design had a huge engine, a EWP on the roof (facing front) and was armed with a light laser. Since then the rules disallowed even EWPs on roof for subs. I decided to incorporate the EWP + LL - using the space inside for componant armor.

I also found the best aspect of the weapon that I have hitherto eulogized as rule-jockeyed out of relevance: pulsing a LL adds no weight.

The MML options are just to see how much damage a subcompact can veritably dish out.

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