Friday, August 8, 2008

New Weapons - From Other People 4 (Uncle Edgar)

Uncle Edgar (note, link now seems to be down)

Heavy Gauss Gun (HGG) – To-hit 6, $15,000, 500 lbs., 3 spaces, 3 DP, 5d6 damage, 10 shots, CPS 75, WPS 15. Loaded cost $15,750, Loaded weight 650 lbs., Magazine cost $800, Magazine weight 165 lbs. Area effect. Drains 3 power units per shot.

Gauss Cannon (GCn) – To-hit 7, $30,000, 800 lbs., 4 spaces, 4 DP, 6d6+12 damage, 10 shots, CPS 25, WPS 5. Loaded cost $30,250, Loaded weight 850 lbs., Magazine cost $300, Magazine weight 65 lbs. Drains 5 power units per shot. The GCn can only be mounted on oversized vehicles.

Light X-Ray Laser (LtXL) – To-hit 7, $10,000, 500 lbs., 2 spaces, 3 DP, 3d6 damage. Area effect. Drains 3 power units per shot. The LtXL can be pulse-modified but cannot use IR or BG optics. Like its larger cousins, LtXL is not compatible with the LGL.

Automatic-Fire Grenade Launcher -- To-hit 7, $5,000, 250 lbs., 2 spaces, 3 DP, damage by grenade type, 30 AF grenades, CPS 20 plus grenade cost, WPS 5.
The AFGL may have different grenade types may be mixed in the magazine but the order of the rounds must be recorded. Rotary magazines can be installed for half cost ($250) and normal weight (10 lbs.) to the AFGL and its magazines. This revision of the AFGL description is meant to correct the errata and implicit rules regarding magazines in the AFGL descriptions given in ADQ 9/2, p.5 and UACFH, p.18.


Michael P. Owen said...

If you do not know already, SWAT HQ moved to a new ISP last year.

The Daemon Mechanic's Garage and Uncle Edgar's R&D Laboratories are back online.

Seattle Washingto Autoduel Team (SWAT HQ)

SWAT HQ - The Daemon Mechanic's Garage

SWAT HQ - Uncle Edgar's R&D Laboratories

JC said...

Thanks dude, I'll try to update the links.

Michael P. Owen said...

The Infantry Vulcan Machine Gun is located in the Pedestrian Weapons section of Uncle Albert's Catalog From Hell. The weapon could be considered equivalent to the experimental Microgun, a 5.56mm Vulcan Machine Gun that could generate 10,000 rpm. The Microgun never entered production in military forces, but it would be useful as a Light Vulcan Machine Gun for autoduelling.

The Light Machine Gun, found in the Vehicular Weapons section of Uncle Albert's Catalog From Hell, could be considered equivalent to the FN Minimi, a 5.56mm Machine Gun. The U.S. designated this weapon the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon.

In a campaign, if you designated calibers of weapons, exchanging ammo might be possible between different machine guns. Ammo salvaged from a 7.62mm VMG might be loaded in a 7.62mm MG with some use of the Mechanic skill. Variant rules would need to be written for how much ammo from one weapon is needed for another.

JC said...

Great stuff, dude.

I just feel that 5.56mm would have no anti-armor capability... I have a long post about this waiting to be written (but it will need to wait until after comps)