Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Death Race 2008/3000 Trailer

Holy macaroni, how did I miss this? This movie looks like car-wars. If Steve Jackson games were in any way intelligent, they'd do a product tie-in and make a bundle.

  1. The movie webpage.
  2. See this article for more details about the cars in the movie.
  3. An attempt, by MIB 1473 on the SJGames Forum, to depict the main character (the car) in CW terms:
    Luxury; Extra Heavy chassis; Heavy suspension; 200 cid Engine w/Tubes, BP, VP Turbo, Super, Overdrive; 4 PR Steel Radial tires. Driver, Passenger. 2xAutoCannon w/10xStandard each linked F; Oil Jet w/25xOil B; Smokescreen w/10xSmoke B; Light Flamethrower w/10xStandard B. Tinted Windows; 3xLink (SS-OJ, SS-OJ-ACs, OJ-LFT); HD Shocks; HD Brakes; ABS; Spoiler; Airdam. 32 pts. Metal (F: 8 R: 8 L: 8 B: 8 T: 0 U: 0). Cost: $44,685, Wgt: 6,550, HC: 4 (5), Top Speed: 97.5 (117.5), Accel: 20 (15).
h/t owenmp at the forum.

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