Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Weapon: Mini-MFRP

Of all the new weapons I've proposed see the whole series (1-2-3-4-5) the only one that I'm sure is good, necessary, and won't upset game balance, is the Mini Multiple Fire Rocket Pod (MMFRP). I'll use this as the first design challenge to work out game dynamics.

The real life model for this weapon is rather common system used on helicopters and attack planes. One example is here (where the first image is from). Many people assumed that the Micro-Missile Launcher is supposed to be this weapon, based on the picture (see to the right, taken from Uncle Al's 2035 guide) and it's misname.

The model for the new weapon is the "Six Shooter" - the Multiple Fire Rocket Pod. The original rules set for a Heavy Rocket and the MFRP was like 2 HR's, but different. And, when the MFRP was introduced, so too were mini-rockets, and the MFRP was kinda like 6 of those.
  • HR = dam 3d, 2 DP, $200, 100 lbs, Sp. 1, 2" burst
  • 2 HR = dam 3dx2, 4 DP, $450, 200, Sp. 2, 2" burst
  • MFR = dam 1dx6, 3 DP (1/2 DP each), $450, 150 lbs, 2 Sp., 2" burst
  • 1 MnR = dam 1d-1, 1 DP, $50, 20 lbs, Sp. 1/3, 1/2" burst
  • 6 MnR = dam 6d-6, 6 DP, $350, 120 lbs, Sp. 2, 1/2" burst (price includes link)
For some reason, the MFR allows a greater blast radius, but it can't accept special munitions. The MnR is lighter than the MFR, but less damage. 2 (linked) HR is the same price as the MFR, but heavier, yet can be fitted with special munitions/warhead.

It's possible that just halving the MFR will get what we need: MMFR = to hit 9, dam 1dx3, 2 DP*, $225, 75 lbs, 1 space, 1" burst. (DP = 1st shot destroys 2 rockets, second shot the final rocket and the weapon housing). Compare to 3 Mini-Rockets: 3 MnR = dam 3d-3, 3 DP, $200, 60 lbs, Sp. 1, 1/2" burst (price includes link)

It's possible, and more in line with the real world munition, that the MMFR should be 6 mini-mini-rockets, 0.5 dam per rocket.

Also, I guess for game balance the special warheads were forbidden for the MFR, but there may be a way of re-introducing them. For now, this is the prototype:
Mini Multiple Fire Rocket Pod, MMFR, to hit 9, dam 1dx3, 2 DP*, $225, 75 lbs, 1 space, 1" burst. (DP = 1st shot destroys 2 rockets, second shot the final rocket and the weapon housing)


games said...

oho it will be a great weapon.

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog....keep it up.

JC said...


Anonymous said...

I keep returning to your blog and enjoy your articles.
Game balance isn't everything.
I enjoy crazy and useless against all the odds stuff too. Pickup with tipper in the cargo area full of wheels!!!aaaarrrrgh!
How about a list of hardware store improvisations? Cost and space as per game world as opposed to game balance. Could be fun.

JC said...

Always appreciate hearing from fans!

Will try to update soon (I have a lot of drafts saved).

If you want to submit something, you can suggest it in the comments and I can put it in the blog.

richard branson said...

Hey there JC,

Nice page! Lots of great links. Have you seen our blog here in Toronto? We play at 3X scale with modified dinky cars.....

JC said...

Hi Richard. Thanks for the kudos, and, no, I didn't know about yer organization but I'll add a link forthwith.