Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Weapon Analysis - Part 5 (The New Weapons)

Part 3 of this series (see 1 & 2), came up with these new weapon possibilities:
  1. Railgun (3 space Gauss Gun)
  2. Light & Heavy Mortars (in new category that combines Grenade Launchers & Shotguns)
  3. Light & Medium Howitzers (new category to re-house the ol' ATG)
  4. AC moved to MG family, modify the HVMG
  5. or AC in own family, move VMG into that, add new weapon: minigun, then change HMG into a 2 space weapon
  6. Light and Heavy Recoilless Rifles
  7. Heavy Rocket Launcher (3 space in guided-rocket category)
  8. Mini Multiple Fire Rocket Pod (1 space unguided rocket)
Part 4 of this analysis described the different needs of game balance in general, without specific categories. Based on the earlier posts, and irrespective of the system analysis in part 3, here are the gaps in the offensive weapons:
  1. No 6-accuracy burst weapons outside of Autocannon
  2. related to that: only rockets are one space burst weapons
  3. no 3 space, 7-accuracy weapon
  4. no 3 space, 6-accuracy area effect weapon
  5. very few options with 8-accuracy weapons
Based on comparing the two lists, do the new weapons help or hurt game balance?
  1. Railgun - I admit that I've wanted this weapon in Car Wars ever since I played Quake3, and it would be the 3-space 6-accuracy area-effect weapon (if we keep the Autocannon as burst effect)
  2. Mortars - Part of me wants mortars because doggonit, they exist! And they're useful as small "artillery" weapons. At least they should be available for pedestrians, no? But for cars, they would be a way of adding the small space, low accuracy weapons (with a number of special modifiers given the high-lobbing trajectory of mortar rounds balanced with the purposeful shrapnel damage, which I guess is in every 'burst effect' weapon. This is less than necessary, except as a non-rocket based 9-accuracy weapon.
  3. Howitzers - This would expand the 8-accuracy field away from exclusively rockets. I think it's necessary.
  4. Heavy Vulcan (Modified) - not really necessary, but I like to be thorough.
  5. Minigun - Only necessary if we keep Autocannon in it's own category (i.e. gatling guns). I like it also as a 6-accuracy 1 -space weapon, but that will probably skew the game.
  6. Heavy Machine Gun - I think that the Heavy MG is a rule flaw; 1 space 2 dice weapon?! And a Light Laser is only 1d? Anyway, I think it should be moved up to 2 spaces and rules modified accordingly.
  7. Light & Heavy Recoilless Rifles - I think this is a more necessary fill, for 7-accuracy burst effects (the Blast Cannon should have made this inevitable)
  8. Heavy Rocket Launcher - seems natural but may be unnecessary
  9. Mini Multiple Fire Rocket Pod - I'm really surprised this hasn't been done yet.
Other Ideas I've toyed with some other ideas that just seem to be natural (as I see from others): heavier shotguns, grenade droppers, etc. but I will try to post the above ideas first.

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