Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ADQ Online

Autoduel Quarterly was, for 10 years and 40 issues, the official magazine for Car Wars. Then Steve Jackson games folded it into Pyramid (which is still published), and Car Wars articles became quite scarce.

Somehow, depsite that they are sold in PDF form, Steve Jackson Games allowed the ADQs to be HTMLized and placed online. I mean, you can't buy the major rulebooks except for major dinero on ebay, yet the ADQs are free? I won't argue, I'm glad, and I want the good thing to last.

Available: 1(1); 2(2,3,4); 3(1,2,3); 4(1,3,4); 5(1,2,3,4); 6(1,4); 7(1,2,3,4); 8(1,2,3); 9(1,2,4); 10(2,3)

Missing: 1(2,3,4*); 2(1); 3(4); 4(2); 6(2,3); 8(4)*; 9(3); 10(1,4)

Other people have HTMLized 1(4) & 8(4). When I find more online, I'll post 'em in the links.

Image hotlinked from the ADQ page, cover chosen is of the first ADQ I purchased back in the day.

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