Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Standard Car - RPG Midsized (Non-Styx)

From MIB 1473 in the SJgames forum:
Most real-world cars would vary little from each other in the coarse resolution of Car Wars. For example, how many modern cars would look approximately like this:

Mid-Sized; Light chassis; Improved suspension; 150 cid Engine w/Overdrive; 12 gallon standard gas tank; 4 Standard tires. Driver; Gunner; 3xPassenger. HD Brakes. 6 pts. Metal (F: 1 R: 1 L: 1 B: 1 T: 1 U: 1). Cargo: 2 spaces, 300 lbs. Cost: $6,824, Wgt: 3,469, HC: 2, Top Speed: 82.5 (102.5), Accel: 10 (5).


Earlburt said...

I love designs that reflect "real life" aspects of the Car Wars universe. Your design would be a typical family commuter. The kind of car normal people would use to brings the kids to school and go to the store. Well, except for the gas-burning aspect. The fossil fuels are almost gone, remember? Normal families can't pay $200 a gallon? And why would they when excellent electric technology is more available?

Anyway, what I like so much about the first Vehicle Guide designs is that most of them are not optimized for arena combat. They represent the vehicles most likely to be encountered on the open roads. That's a rich bit of implied history they created in the Vehicle Guide. too bad they abandoned that model soon thereafter.

JC said...

Thanks for the kudos. And I think you're right about why the original designs are weak for arena - because of the heavier RPG emphasis of the early years.