Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Embiggen 2057 - Div10 Compact (Updated)

Compact, Hvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Medium PP, 4 PR Tires, Driver, VMG (20/Incen.) front, mini-Rocket platform with 3 linked incendiary Mini-Rockets, FE, Targ. Comp., 10 pts FP-CA around driver, 155 pts Plastic Armor F30 B30 R30 L30 T20 U15, Acc 5, Top 90, HC 3, 4060 lbs, $9,990

  • Option 1 - Xhvy Ch., add PC/SC to engine, no FE, SWC instead of Targ., add 10 pts CA around PP (but all CA no longer FP), armor now 36 pts Metal & 50 inner plastic (F 10/9 B 10/9 R 10/0 L 7/8 R 7/8 T 1/8 U 1/8). Acc 5, Top 95, HC 3, 4440 lbs, $9,995

Design Notes - The original design was made obsolete by a rules change (at one point compacts could have 2 space turrets/rocket platforms). It had a forward VMG and an MFR with a targeting laser. To remake it with a 1 space platform made very little sense (1 HR with laser sight when you already have a VMG?). So to remake it, instead of Div15, I went lower, and did whatever would be effective with a 1 space platform = 3 incendiary rockets (where the key is to put burn mods over damage).
Original: Compact, Xhvy Ch., Hvy. Sus., Large PP, driver, 4 PR tires, VMG front, 2 sp. rocket platform with TL & LGL to MFR, targ. comp., FE; 165 Armor: F40 R30 L30 B30 T15 U20, Acc. 5, HC 3, 4440 lbs., $13,595

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