Monday, July 28, 2008

Slapjack - Div5 Sedan

Sedan, Light Chassis, Light Suspension, 4 HD tires, Medium PP+SC, driver & gunner, 4 HR front, 2 HR right, 2 HR left, 52 pts armor (F10 B10 R14 L14, T2, U2); Acc. 5, Top 90, HC 1, 4128 lbs, $4996

Option 1 - Remove 1 HR front, add JD rear and 8 pts armor, 4225 lbs, $4990

Design Notes - This is not only part of the new endeavor to create a fleet of div5 cars (see Boxer here), but this is now my first Sedan. I don't know when Sedans were introduced, but I didn't have 'em 20 years ago, and that's when I first wet my design whistle. But if I'm going to make sucky cars, why not go whole hog?

The Slapjack is basically a toned down Boxer with better tires and no Junk defense (improved with the first option).

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