Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gladiator30 - Div30 Luxury

Luxury, X-Hvy Ch., Hvy-Active Sus., Super PP (PC), 4 Solid-Radial Tires, Driver & Gunner; ATG (10/APFSDS) front, OG (10/reg) back, 6 oil/smoke dischargers linked to 4 bumper triggers; HTM; HD-ABS, HRSWC (gunner ATG), SWC (driver ATG); 10 pts FP-CA each around driver, PP, ATG; crew each have BA; 162 pts plastic armor (F30 B30 R38 L38 T11 U15); Acc 5 (10), Top 105 (77.5); HC 5, 6600 lbs, $29,790

Option 1 - Replace ATG with BC (10/reg); remove: CA for front weapon, HRSWC and HTM; 183 pts armor (F40 B36 R40 L40 T12 U15); 6600 lbs, $29510

Option 2 - Like #1 but HESH ammo for BC, remove Platinum Catalysts from engine; Top speed 100, $29410

Design Notes - I put this together swiftly as a 'test car' - i.e. to test other designs in the price range. If another Div30 design can hold its own against the gladiator, then it may have a chance in the ring.

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