Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Superfly - Div5 Compact

Compact, Std. Chassis, Hvy Sus., 4 HD Tires, Medium PP, Driver; 4 LR front, FT (10/reg) back or right, 119 pts plastic armor F29 B30 R25 L25 T5 U5; Acc 5, Top 100, HC 3, 3624 lbs, $4,997

  • Note - As usual, move the weaponry and armor around based on the needs of the track
  • Option 1 - Switch LR to 2 HR, remove 8 pts armor; Top 97.5, 3676 lbs. $4,993
  • Option 2 - Switch LR to 2 linked MR, only remove 3 pts armor, 3606 lbs, $4,998

Design Notes - Not a bad design. In general, when dealing with the ends of the price spectrum (Div5/Unlimited) you need to exploit the rule asymmetries. Some weapons are heavier than they are expensive (rockets, flamethrowers) which fit the lower divisions. The FT is especially good at the lower level because of its sick accuracy and it's flammable fun. Get close and fry 'em.

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