Monday, July 28, 2008

Welter - Div5 Midsized

Midsized, Light Chassis, Imp. Sus., 4 HD tires, Medium PP, driver & gunner, MML front, 2 linked HR right, 2 linked JD rear; 60 pts plastic armor (F12 B12 R15 L15 T3 U3), Acc. 5, Top 95, HC 2, 3815 lbs, $4990.

Design Notes - Now we're talking. As opposed to the previous 2 div5s (Boxer and Slapjack, Luxury & Sedan respectively), Midsized and under start making sense. Get a decent gunner in and the MML hits like an MG and can tear off metal armor from sneaky duelists. Those other designs were novelties, this sucker can win. Armor is heavier on the Welter than on any subcompact, and the linked HRs will eliminate any remaining opposition.

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