Monday, July 28, 2008

Bantam - Div5 Compact

Compact, Lt. Chassis, Hvy. Sus., 4 HD tires, Medium PP, driver, RL front, 2 linked JD back; 86 pts plastic armor F20 B20 R18 L18 T5 U5, Acc. 5, Top 105, HC3, 3326lbs, $4,938.

  • Option 1 - Replace RL with 1 MG (10/incendiary), add another JD (linked R,L,B), remove 8 pts armor, 3328 lbs, $4,909
  • Option 2 - Like #1, but no extra JD, 13 shots in MG, only remove 6 pts armor, 3222.5 lbs, $4,997.50
  • Option 3 - Like #2, MG with 10 shots HD ammo, 79 pts armor, 3234 lbs, $4,997

Design Notes - Compacts are the best for Div5, no? Get more armor and space than the execrable subcompacts. Then again, this design is so simple that I'm sure it's the most common compact div5 matrix. Eh, whatever. Maybe not; I prefer higher HC, so others may lower suspension and use the money for Yosemite Sam mudflaps, or something.

I recommend having a Driver-1, Gunner-2 in this (it's a rule loophole, Driver 2 adds 1 HC, Gunner 2 adds 1 to hit; Improved Suspension is $200 cheaper than Heavy but a SWC is $500).

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