Monday, July 28, 2008

Boxer - Div 5 Luxury

Luxury, Light Chassis, Light Sus., 4 Std. tires, Medium PP+SC, driver & gunner, 4 HR front, 2 HR right, 2 HR left, 2 JD back, 48 pts armor (F10 B9 R13 L13, T1, U2); Acc. 5, Top 90, HC 1, 4450 lbs, $5000 [Max weight for engine 4620]

Design Notes - It's been a while since I added a new design (my game-playing goes in weird waves), and looking through my blog I noticed that I didn't have a single Division 5 design! So I'm endeavoring to post at least 1 design for each possible body style. Not that all these cars will be the best choice for a Div5 duel - the Boxer as case in point. If I've learned one thing from battle, it's that HC is worth more than any single component/attribute. More than tires, weaponry, or armor. A tire shot, for example, is just another way of testing Handling Class (same with oil slicks, etc). So in general I want to stay away from Light Suspension.

Also, this car is exactly 5000 smackers. If your referee allows only $4999.99 then you're out of luck. I used the cheapest tires, armor, weapons, and still only made it under the wire.

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