Thursday, November 15, 2012

Major Mover 2037 - Div30 (Obsolete)

Updated here.
Luxury, Extra Heavy chassis, Heavy suspension, Super power plant, 4 Solid tires, Driver, 2-space Turret Top w/Laser, ATG (10/reg) Back, FT (10/reg) Left, 2 linked MG (20/reg) Front, SD (10/reg) Back, 117 pts Plastic Armor: F30, L20, R20, B25, T10, U12, Acc 5, HC 3, 6895 lbs., $27,240

Design Notes - This, I believe, is the very first car I designed! Even though I wrote "This is Leagal" (sic) in the top corner, it most definitely is not. Even a quick glance will tell you that a car with a Laser, FT, and ATG can't have 117 pts of armor. Naturally, this car evinces the design ability of a young teen with the original boxset. All weapons are original 2030s equipment (almost every possible weapon too, heh), and it's been influenced by the dreaded deathtrap, Hotshot (see my comments about that car here, and my improvement here). This car is beautiful in its naivete and sheer unwieldy ugliness. I'm not even going to try to update it, that'd be like giving a newborn cosmetic surgery.

2013 Oct 4 - I rechecked the stats, and yes, the total weight is 6895 lbs, $26190, and only 18 spaces!  Who would imagine that this monstrosity, with that many weapons, can actually fit.  To make it "leagal", it would need to have 87 pts of armor, 6595 lbs, $25590.   For you historians, the Hotshot had only 80!  So why *shouldn't* I have made this for my first car!

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Anonymous said...

I checked your design with my vehicle design spreadsheet.

Major Mover -- Luxury, x-hvy. chassis, super PP, hvy. suspension, 4 solid tires, driver, laser in 2-space turret, 2 linked MGs (each with 20 standard shots) front, FT (with 10 standard shots) left, ATG (with 10 standard shots) back, SD (with 10 standard shots) back. Plastic armor: 87 points. Cargo capacity; 1 space, 5 lbs. Accel. 5, Top speed 100, Cruise speed 60, DM 1, HC 3; 6,595 lbs., $25,640.

You did well designing a car using only the Pocket Box Car Wars rules.

If you replace the super PP with a large PP equipped with SuperCons, you could have 200 additional pounds for armor. SuperCons first appeared in the Spring 2038 (1988) issue of Autoduel Quarterly.