Monday, November 12, 2012

Cataract 2057 - Div15 Compact (updated)

Compact, Xhvy Ch., Hvy. Sus., Large PP (PC & SC), 4 PR-radial tires, driver; RL (10/incen.) front, ramplate, 70 lbs rocket boosters (16 acc), SWC, spoiler/airdam, HD-brakes, HDHTM, 7 oil/smoke dischargers, 4 bumper triggers, 38 pts WH/WG; 178 pts. plastic armor: F50(ram), B35 RL32 T12 U17; HC 4 (5 over 60), Acc. 10 (20 with HDHTM), Top 120 (80 with HDHTM), 4435 lbs, $14,994

Design Notes - This is the update of this 2037 design. The original was div10, but in updating I just found myself adding "necessary" after necessary component, and the price just wouldn't get below 10.

Here's an example of a simple update, made with the "Car Wars Designer" (which looks new to me, but it's very nice! Still not as totally versatile as the MADHAT Excel file, but it did help me with the rocket boosters):

Compact, Extra Heavy chassis, Heavy suspension, Large power plant w/PC & SC, 4 Puncture-Resistant tires, Driver w/SWC, Rocket Launcher Front w/10 Incendiary Rockets, 15.0mph of Rocket Boosters, Plastic Armor: F50 (Ramplate), L40, R40, B40, T12, U18, 2 10-pt Wheelguards Back, 2 10-pt Wheelhubs Front, Max tow 2460 lbs., Acceleration 10, Top Speed 122.5, HC 3, 4440 lbs., $12,025 

So once I couldn't get below 12K or so, I felt I should add some good ramcar necessities, like HD brakes, spoilers, and HTM. The main weapon is underpowered for div15, but I guess the speed help should make it a good rammer (but, as I've said many times, that's not the way I play even though I love concept, and did so especially in 1987).

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