Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Help 2037 - Div200 Transport Copter

Transport Helicopter, Super Copter PP, pilot, gunner; linked Lasers in 4 space UM turret (under, facing back), linked HL front, linked VMG (20/reg) back, AC (10/reg) left, AC (10/reg) right, 3 linked Cluster Bombs under, 2 HRTC, 455 pts plastic armor: F100 B80 R70 L70 T55 U80; HC 1, Acc 5, 19985 lbs., $194,125

Design Notes - There are some Car Wars vehicles which are underpowered and are nearly impossible to design well, the subcompact and the van come to mind. Then there are the models which the game-makers just let us ignore the rules, e.g. trucks, buses and transport helicopters. Look at this firepower and armor! In real life, there's no real equivalent. Other issues: why did I have the ACs on the sides and VMGs in the rear? I guess I was concerned with the side weaponry given the turret issues. Still, it feels off. Also, the cluster bombs (which, even at 15 I didn't understand but liked the sound of the name) are part of this "anti-personnel" RPG nonesense that the gamemakers kept pushing. If I understand the context of the CW world, I don't see the need to have special Anti-Pers weapons. As a friend explained to me, again when I was a teenager, about Agent Orange in Vietnam. He said that it was a defoliant that we used on our own people. I asked what was the defoliant used on the enemy and he replied "Napalm."

Name Notes - I think I called this "Help" after the policy of USAF to give H-letter code-names to enemy helicopters, like the "Hind." Yes, it was only for enemies, but as I've said in previous entries, I was terrible with names back then.

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