Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hellion 2037 - Div18 Midsize

Midsize, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus, Large PP, 4 Solid tires, Driver, RL (10/incen.) in turret, SD (10/expl) back, FCE (10/reg) back, IFE, HD-brakes, 60 pt Ramplate; SWC, back weapons linked; 253 pts plastic armor: F60, B50 R50 L 50 T23, U21; HC 3, Acc. 5, 5757 lbs, $17804

Design Notes - As a fun extra, in lieu or in addition to the counter picture, I've scanned in the original drawing I made for combat (note the loose-leaf paper, ah memories). Naturally this needs improvements; I've become convinced that I'm not a ram-plate-player. But if I want one, I need to get the speed and handling up etc., maybe move the weapons to bumper trigger.

[Updated Nov 8, 2013]

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