Thursday, December 5, 2013

Convoy Interceptor Aug 2057 - RPG Compact

Type: Compact, (Streamlined, Carbon-Aluminum), Chassis: Xtra-Heavy, Suspension: Heavy, Engine: Large (PC & SC) (Pwr 2300, 10dp), Tires: 4 Radial-Solid Tires (11dp), Crew: Driver (ABV/BA, GL with 5 Flaming Oil grenades); Weaponry:  HMG (20/HD) in 1sp. turret (2D area), Weighted Accessories: active suspension, IFE, spoiler & airdam, safety seat, Unweighted Accessories: HRSWC, HD-antilock brakes, HDHTM & Overdrive (linked), LDR, no-paint windshield, [1 total link], Wheel Armor: 2x10 pt WG rear, 2x10 pt WH front & rear (60 pts total), Cargo: No space, no weight [Cost/Weight for personal equip: $1150, 31 lbs]; 187 pts Plastic Armor: F 40 B 40 R 36 L 36 T 20 U 15; HC: 5 (6 over 60), Acc. 10 (HDHTM 20/Overdrive 5),  Top Speed 132.5 (87.5/152.5), Cruising: 79.5 Weight: 4438 lbs. Max 4440, Cost: $35,556.00

Design Notes - This was in my draft folder dated August 9, 2007.  It's part of the Convoy Project (see here for all the cars) and specifically an older (now alternate) version) of the "interceptor" car, which I made into Convoy 4.  This is a whole lotta money for a pretty bad idea.  C/A frame on the road just is asking for trouble; a routine roll will be end of the line, let alone a side-swipe.

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