Monday, October 31, 2016

Ophelia 2067 - Div90, Div30 Pickup (Galaxy, Updated)

Type: Pickup, Chassis: Xtra-Heavy, Suspension: Active-Heavy, Engine: 200 cid IC engine (Tubes/Blue/VP/Spr, 12 dp, 4500 pwr), 6 gal. dueling tank (8dp), Tires: 6 FP-Radial-Steelbelted-Solids (14dp), Crew: Driver (no equip), Weaponry HL (pulse, 4D+4, fire 2/0) front, ramplate Weighted Accessories: laser battery, Active Suspension, IFE, safety seat, HD shocks, spoiler & airdam, Unwgt. Acces.: HRSWC, HD-antilock brakes, no-paint windshield, [0 total links], Dischargers: 10 total: 4 ice (FBRL) 6 hot smoke (2T, 2U, 1R 1L), Defenses: Styx Defensive System*; Wheel Armor: 35 total = 2x10 pt WG rear, 15 pts WH front (choose where), Component Armor none Cargo: 11 sp, 1.1 lbs.; Vehicle Armor: 164 pts LRFP Plastic: F 50(ram) B32 R33 L33 T8 U8; HC: 4 (5 over 60), Acc. 20, Top Speed 85, MPG: 34, Range: 204, DM: 1, Hit Mod: 0, Weight: 7798.9 lbs. Max 7800, Cost: $89,900.00

  • Div30 Option 1 - Pickup, Xhvy Ch., Hvy Sus, Super PP, 6 PR-Radial tires, driver, HL front, ramplate, IFE, roll-cage, safety seat, spoilers & airdam, HTM & Overdrive (linked), bumper trigger front, 10 dischargers (4 oil, 2 smoke, 4 foam); 38 pts WG/WH, 71 pts component armor (25 MET/46 Plastic): F(10/12, ram) B(4/8) R(4/8) L(4/8) T(1/5) U(2/5); HC 4 (5 over 60), Acc. 5 (HTM 10/Overdrive 2.5), Top 90 (67.5/110), 7799 lbs, $29,988
Design Notes - Updated from this 2037 design:
The old design.
So the problem of updating this truck is that I have a lot of 'Pickups with Heavy Laser front': To make this a proper update, I decided to focus on the ramcar aspects. The option is to try to keep it to div30.

Name Notes - See the original.

* Styx Defensive System = 6 Hot Smoke Dischargers linked to 5 laser reactive webs (F, B, R, L, T; covering tires of those sides as well) & 4 bumper triggers (to ice & also linked to that side's weapons)

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