Friday, October 28, 2016

Metis 2067 - Div5 Compact (Galaxy)

Type: Compact, Chassis: Standard, Suspension: Heavy, Engine: Medium Electric (no mods) (Pwr 1400, 8dp), Tires: 4 Heavy Duty (6 dp), Crew: Driver (no equip) Weaponry SS (10/reg) & SD (10/reg) linked back, Weighted Accessories: nil Unwgt. Acces.: nil, [1 total links], Dischargers: none; Wheel Armor: 20 total = 2x9 pt WG rear, 2x1 pt WH front, Component Armor 10 pts for (a) PP (FP, 4 sp), (b) Driver (reg, 2 sp), Cargo: 0 sp, 2 lbs.; Vehicle Armor: 41 pts Composite (33 Metal/8 Plastic): F(8/0) B(7/0) R(8/0) L(8/0) T(1/4) U(1/4); HC: 3, Acc. 5 Top Speed 97.5, DM: 2/3, Hit Mod: -1, Weight: 3698 lbs. Max 3700, Cost: $4,976.00

  • Option 1 - replace SS & SD with FOJ (15 shots), add 3 pts MET armor, $4999.00
Design Notes I'm trying to make more Div5 cars. This was to make a pure dropped weapon car with decent armor and that meant a compact. Once I had that size, I hoped I could put in component armor. The option may actually be better than the original: a flaming oil jet in a Div5 fight?!

Name Notes - From the Wiki: "Metis, also known as Jupiter XVI, is the innermost moon of Jupiter. It was discovered in 1979 in images taken by Voyager 1, and was named in 1983 after the first wife of Zeus, Metis."

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