Sunday, September 12, 2010

Revising the AADA vol. 3

As avid readers may have noticed, most of my work on this page occurs around this time of year; it's no coincidence - my tricky brian gets re-obsessed with Car Wars when the school year begins. Maybe it's the commuting. No bother. Anyway, this year I managed to purchase the latter two AADA Vehicle Guides, vol. 2 & 3. Volume two meets the same density and interest of Vol. 1 but Vol. 3 is pathetic! There are typos, clear math errors, and blatant mismatches between the cars and the accompanying counters. And, to quote 'Guy' (where I got the cover pics): "the designs themselves were often flawed or illegal."

Flawed, illegal, and clearly wrong. The AVG3 is an early sign that SJGames wasn't caring too much about Car Wars. In any case, I'm taking it upon myself to revise these monstrosities. These revised cars will be under this special tag.


jimmylogan said...

You make a good point about SJG 'not caring' toward the end... I think this can be attributed to many things. Shift in focus, lack of interest from gamers (doubt that one, but overall market I guess it's possible), the fact that putting out ANYTHING with 'car wars' on the title means it will sell. :)

JC said...

The more I read the book, the more crazy errors I see. It's almost insulting.