Sunday, September 12, 2010

Astatine - Div70 Luxury

Luxury, Xhvy Ch., Active-Hvy Sus., 150 cu in engine, Tubes-Blueprinting-VP-Spr, 5 Gal. Duelling tank (8 DP); 4 Solid FP-Radial tires; driver & gunner (driver has blended BA & 3 Paint grenades, both crew have PFE), Pulse Laser in turret, OG (10/Flaming Oil) right, DSP under, ABS-HD Brakes, HD Shocks; 10 dischargers (8 oil/smoke, 2 ice); spoiler & airdam, 1 Hi-Res Computer (gunner) 1 HRSWC (driver-Laser), Laser Battery, 4 bumper triggers (4 to dischargers - 1 double with OG), weapon links (OG & Laser each to DSP, 1 panic link to all weapons); 9 pts LRFP CA each around engine/gastank & driver; 40 pts LRFP WH/WG (usu. 9 pt Guards rear, 9 pt Hubs front, + 2 pt Hubs rear); 167 pts. LRFP armor F 33 B 32 R 36 L 36 T 15 U 15; HC 5 (6), Acc 20, Top 80, 44 MPG, 220 Range, 6599.8 lbs, $69,880.00.

  • IFE Option - Remove DSP & PFEs, add IFE, remove 10 pts armor; $69,180.

Design Notes - This wasn't supposed to be a Div70, but after adding on things that I thought every decent car needed, the numbers just started adding up. It's still not a perfect design (the IFE option is safer but less armored), but seems well-rounded and mean.

Name Notes - The names for the newest cars will come from the Periodic Table, and will be called the Elemental Series; this element according to the Wiki: "is a radioactive chemical element with the symbol At and atomic number 85. It is the second-heaviest of the discovered halogens. Although astatine is produced by radioactive decay in nature, due to its short half life it is found only in minute amounts."

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