Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fenrir 2065 - Div50 Luxury (Galaxy)

Type: Luxury, Chassis: Xtra-Heavy, Suspension: Heavy, Engine: Large Electric (PC & SC) (Pwr 2300, 10dp), Tires: 4 Solids (12dp), Crew: Driver (no equip), Weaponry TL & RL (20/incen) in UM turret (2D+2 burst, 3/2 burn), LGL to 10 rockets, VFRP (30/AP) front & back, ITL front & back, TL all smartlinked, Weighted Accessories: IFE, Unwgt. Acces.: HRTC, HD-antilock brakes, HTM & Overdrive (linked), no-paint windshield, [6 total links], Dischargers: 10 total: 4 oil (FBRL) 6 smoke (2T, 2U, 1R 1L), Defenses: Styx Defensive System*; Wheel Armor: 37 total = 2x10 pt WG rear, 17 pt WH front (choose where), Component Armor 9 pts LRFP for Driver (2 sp), Cargo: 0 sp, 2.4 lbs.; Vehicle Armor: 142 pts sloped Composite (2 LR Metal/140 Plastic): F(0/30) B(0/30) R(0/30) L(0/30) T(0/15) U(2/5); HC: 3, Acc. 5 (HTM 10/Overdrive 2.5),  Top Speed 92.5 (67.5/112.5), DM: 1, Hit Mod: -1, Weight: 6597.6 lbs. Max 6600, Cost: $49,846.00

* Styx Defensive System = 6 Smoke Dischargers linked to 5 laser reactive webs (F, B, R, L, T; covering tires of those sides as well) & 4 bumper triggers (to oil & also linked to that side's weapons)
  • Gunner, Option 1 - Add gunner (who gets the HRTC), add SWC for driver, for armor is unsloped, remove 15 pts vehicle armor: $49,755.00 

  • Div35, Option 2 -  as first option 1, but remove all TL & LGL, remove 1 pt WG, remove laser reactive webs, remove PC from engine, remove UM from turret, replace SWC with HRTC, add 15 pts vehicle armor: Top Speed 90 (67.5/110.0), DM: 1, Hit Mod: 0, Weight: 6593.6 lbs. Max 6600, Cost: $34,995.00
    Design Notes - Sparked by my remake of Thundernaught, and its mutli RL design.  I wanted to replace the RLs with VFRPs to see if it would work.  I think it's too many weapons and not enough crew.

    Name Notes - Fenrir is a moon of Saturn and "Fenrir was named after Fenrisulfr, a giant wolf from Norse mythology, father of Hati and Skoll, son of Loki, destined to break its bonds for Ragnarök."

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