Monday, November 1, 2010

Iridium 2060 - Div20 (Div25) Camper

Camper, Hvy Ch., Hvy Sus., Super PP, 4 PR-Radials, Driver, ATG (10/HEAT) in turret, HDOJ (10/reg) back, 7 Oil/Smoke Dischargers, all dischargers in panic link, 4 bumper triggers to dischargers (back to HDOJ as well), 13 pts WG/WH armor, SWC, 8 pts FP-LR CA each around driver & PP, 26/13 pts Sloped Metal/Plastic armor (F 5/0, B 3/3, R-L 7/0, T-U 2/5), Acc 5, Top 95, HC 3, 7149.8 lbs, $19,954.00
  • Option 1 "Non Metal" - same as above, except armor is 143 pts Sloped Plastic, $22,099.00

  • Option 2 "Xhvy" - Chassis is Xhvy, ATG has 10/APFSDS, SWC is HR, add 2 pts WG/WH, Ext. armor is now 29/32 Sloped Metal/Plastic (+3/+19), 7799.8 lbs, $24,888.50
Design Notes - This started as a design experiment - that I realized you could have a Camper with a 3 space turret and 4 wheels, as long as you didn't have an Xhvy Chassics. Once I started fooling around with the numbers, I realized that the weight difference of the two chasses is 750 lbs!, while 2 tires are 120-160 lbs. So the only reason to do this is to reduce cost. However, a camper is automatically going to cost a lot (3 space turrets are costly too). Then I ran into the problem of what to put in a three space turret (which may get its own blog entry). The best stuff is very expensive (XL, HL, AC) and it seems a crazy waste to just have 3 MG or 3 MML - so that left me with the erstwhile ATG. I also needed to go with metal armor to save money. And as the Xhvy version shows, a Div20 is necessary with this design because to bump it into Div25 is suicide.

Name Notes - From the element Iridium: "atomic number 77.... A very hard, brittle, silvery-white transition metal of the platinum family, [it] is the second densest element (after osmium) and is the most corrosion-resistant metal..." Which means Osmium is next!

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